Sunset Balcony affords more sunshine and a better view – absolutely exceptional! Is your terrace in a shady location or perhaps hidden behind trees, bushes, a wall or other houses?

More sunshine and a fantastic view will improve your quality of life and bring you enjoyment, and also increase the value of your property.

Sunset Balcony is 2 ´ 3 m (6.5 ´ 10 ft), allowing plenty of space for six to seven people. Enjoy a quiet dinner, coffee or drinks, and some congenial company while admiring the view. And why not use it to sunbathe high up, in complete privacy?

Sunset Balcony comes with the required furniture, a parasol, stairs and a fence at ground level to ensure safety. Sunset Balcony serial production is now delivering and we are in final stages of all documentation for compliance with European regulations and CE certification following rigorous testing. It could be solar powered or even installed integrated with an existing terrace. It is safe for children and accessible to disabled people.

We would be happy visit you with our drone to film and photograph the various views a Sunset Balcony could afford. Then you can decide on the best spot for it.

Sunset Balcony is also great for restaurants, hotels, events and concerts. It can also be used as a birdwatching or hunting tower. It can be customised to suit your specific needs: taller, larger, stationary or mobile. The sky’s really the limit!

We are now also producing a smaller version of SunsetBalcony as a Watch- or Hunting tower – mounted directly on a trailer (se under pictures).

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Facts and figures

– Compliant with EU regulations and CE certified following rigorous testing

– Floor size: 2 ´ 3 m (6.5 ´ 10 ft)

– Can be raised to a height of 8 m (26 ft), higher on request

– Can lift six to seven people and all furnishings (up to 666 kg or 1,468 lb) + 50% safety margin

– ‘Fika with a view’: sofa, table, parasol or sunshade, stairs and fence (see photos)

– ‘Sky bar’: bar table with four stools, parasol or sunshade, stairs and fence (see photos)

– Power supply: 220 V (single phase) to charge the batteries that power the hydraulic engine, etc.

– Solar cells (optional): low-cost and environmentally friendly; avoid the need for long cables; ideal for places lacking electricity

– Can be towed with a car (on site) or transported on a trailer (2,500 kg or 5,500 lbs)

– Special models available for restaurants, terrace installation and as birdwatching or hunting towers

– We would be happy to visit you with our drone to show you the various views you could enjoy (within 100 km of our offices; the applicable cost will be deducted on purchase of a Sunset Balcony)

– Please write to for order, guarantee, delivery, service, support and general enquiries. Or call +46 76 1329737

– Sunset Balcony is a registered trademark and patent pending (3 different applications – 2018, 2019 and 2020)

Pictures of Sunsetbalcony